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Anyone know of good scuba diving careers?

I don’t mean like a part time thing, I want a career. One that pays quite well and is really fun. Traveling to cool places and diving on the reefs. Something in recreational diving is probably what I would want. Still well paying, though.

Recreational Diving + Well-Paying is hard to find. You could work as a dive instructor, but don’t expect to make $60k+ a year. The only folks that make this kind of money are course directors (folks who teach people to be instructors).

That said, your credentials as a dive instructor can open doors to other, better paying gigs. Check out the link below. It’s a smattering of dive instructor jobs along with other opportunities like working for NASA, The Smithsonian, etc.

The best way to go is get your instructor credentials (PADI is the most widely accepted) and pair it with something else: a marine biology degree, experience shooting/editing underwater video, get your captain’s license, etc.

0 Homestead Resort Crater   Swimming and Scuba DivingLearn more about the unique geology of The Crater at the Homestead Resort, in scenic Midway, Utah. This naturally heated water formed an impressive dome over a 70 foot deep sinkhole, providing year round warm water. Swim, snorkel, or scuba dive with your own equipment, or rent some during a lesson at The Crater.

Duration : 0:9:38

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0 Scuba Diving @ Sipadan Island, Malaysia by SCUBAZOO.COMSCUBAZOO Video of Scuba diving at Sipadan Island, Malaysia.

Duration : 0:9:58

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0 Jessie Bannon in Dive Gear from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest 207 Undersea Urgency 1/2Here is a two-part video featuring another favorite from my childhood the cute redheaded teen adventurer Jessie Bannon from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest wearing Dive Gear. In Part 1 of the video Jessie in full Deep Sea Dive Gear complete with a fully enclosed helmet tours the outside of a Underwater Research Facility when an earthquake causes her and Jonny to be attacked by underwater Gremlins which they fight off using harpoon guns. As for Part 2 Jessie ditches her helmet but just seeing her in a formfitting wetsuit still maintains the sense of confinement generated by a helmet through Jessie having to struggle with claustrophobia. Something that she describes as a fear of being crushed in a giant tin can at the bottom of the ocean. Also as an added bonus Part 2 features footage of two attractive Blonde Women wearing flight suits.

Duration : 0:6:16

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One size fits all – Force Fin’s Comfort Instep

0 One size fits all   Force Fins Comfort InstepForce Fin’s Comfort Instep is a fleece lined foot pocket pad that cushions your foot against the fin while doubling the range of Force Fin sizes that fit your foot when using different footwear. For example a diver can use one pair pair of Force Fins for a wide variety of gear set ups – wet boots, drysuit and barefoot simply by adding or taking out the Comfort Instep.

Always size yourself up to the largest size footwear you think you will every use and simply use the Comfort Instep to change the size of foot pocket to meet your personal needs.

Duration : 0:2:5

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