0 Sidemount Diving: 2012 Daisy Chain Loop Bungees & Stage Strap Tank MountingLamar shares the rationale behind the 2012 Daisy Chain Loop Bungees at a recent sidemount clinic

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0 Technical Diving RX2 LED Light Underwater: Dive Rite.movUnderwater beam comparison of the Dive Rite RX2 LED Dive Light vs. other lights. Shot at Orange Grove Sink, Peacock Springs State Park.

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0 Dive Rite Travel Pac BCD www.simplyscuba.comhttp://www.simplyscuba.com/products/DiveRite/Travel-PacBCD.aspx

The brand new Dive Rite Travel Pac is a hybrid harness and wing which is a combination of the Travel EXP wing and TransPac harness. This Travel Pac BCD is designed for travel use and scuba diving abroad and weighs in at only 2.62kgs.

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0 Scuba Diving: Why Use and How To Choose A Crotch Strap by Dive RiteCrotch strap 101. Learn why you should wear a crotch strap with your scuba harness and how to choose between a 1-inch, 1.5-inch or 2-inch strap.

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0 TransPac Scuba Diving Harness Set Up for Double Tanks: Dive RiteHow to rig the TransPac Diving Harness for a set of double tanks.

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