A digital camera is a necessary in the present era. To enhance its stimulating experience there are many accessories available in the market. A memory card is one of the most important accessories of a digital camera. Memory cards are used to store the pictures we take on digital cameras. They can be equated with hard disks in computers. Camera manufacturers usually fit their gadgets with low storage media cards. This is a mainly marketing technique, to make users buy additional memory cards for increasing the storage capacity of their cameras. Smart Media, Memory Stick, Compact Flash etc are all different type of memory cards. It is also possible to re-use memory cards, after saving the required photographs on the computer, or copying them on CDs etc. Now days we can go anywhere with an ultra-portable, high-speed USB flash drive that provides a convenient solution for storing, transferring, and sharing multimedia and more. These USB flash drives are available both in a variety of capacities and capabilities to fit our storage needs. Batteries are the fuel of digital cameras. Some digital cameras come with rechargeable batteries. Cameras are commonly sold with battery chargers to enhance their buy ability. It is always desirable to stock an extra pair of batteries. Digital photography tends to become tedious due to limited battery life. Tripods are the stands that help us to take shots in a better way. Therefore, if we want our photographs without blur and have a professional touch we can use tripods. Camera tripods have been around since the dawn of photography and are a guaranteed way to improve steadiness and decrease “camera shakes”. . A tripod is a must-have for anyone who takes more than a couple. For protecting our cameras, we can purchase stylishly designed cases to make sure that we are always in style and camera is protected. Many great looking cases are now on offer as well. They vary from the large and quite costly soft leather cases to the smaller and more affordable carry pouches. For underwater housing, we can take our digital cameras on snorkeling and scuba diving trips to take the same quality of vibrant pictures underwater as well as on land with the help of waterproof kits. Underwater photography is a rapidly growing genre, especially now that the equipment required has dramatically reduced in cost. Other accessories under the same category include waterproof halogen lights that work as deep as 75m below the surface of the water and numerous color filters to balance the overwhelming blue watercolor. Each accessory will add its own unique and distinct value to any digital camera.

Tom Lopez