Some buddies and I are looking to take a 6 month dive master training expedition in Mexico. I already have mask, snorkel, gloves, boots, and fins…

But how much should I pay for
-dive computer.

Where should I shop?… Used vs. new? Ballpark prices?

Please share your thoughts.

I would avoid used unless you know the seller. Many scuba items need to have regular maintenance whether the diver completes the maintenance or a professional does it. Without being comfortable with the maintenance history, I would assume that they were poorly maintained.

BCD – about $500
Wetsuit – for a 3mm full suit, about $200
Regulator – for a first stage, two second stages, and a pressure gauge I would say about $1,000
Dive computer – depends on how fancy you get, but my wrist mounted one was about $300.

I would suggest buying the items from a dive shop. For the BCD and wetsuit, fit is everything. Plus, if you go to a dive shop looking to purchase all four items, they might be able to offer you a good package deal.