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I am staying at the Gran bahia principe so has anyone dove with the gran bahia diving centre. And can anyone give me a price on diving with diffrent companies.

I have not gone there, but in any scuba diving Cancun is the best thing to and throughout the Mexican republic, just remember much care for, and here I leave a link so you can see the beautiful coral Recifes Canun exist.

What’s Namibia like for scuba diving?

Have you been scuba diving in Namibia? What are the dive sites like inc. viz, marine life, wrecks, etc. I’m a PADI Divemaster with ~90 dives but would be travelling with someone with ~20 logged dives. Just interested to know whether it would be worth a visit!

Southwest coast of Africa… hmmm…
Well, I’m sure you’ve already discovered there aren’t any PADI dive centers in Namibia. doesn’t list any dive shops or dive clubs there. That tells us something.
This site ( says the coastal diving is "challenging", however there does seem to be some cave diving available.
Apparently the coastal water is *cold*. Makes sense if you check out this currents map ( The Benguela Current ( sweeps north up the Africa coast, bringing "frigid" water with it.
Namibia isn’t exactly a scenic spot, and the coastal water is dratted cold. Doesn’t sound like much fun to dive to me…

Mozambique, on the other hand, seems to be a possibility.

I’m going to the moon, and it seems I have loaned out my space suit to a dirty troll.

lol, questions lyk urs deserve a good laugh.

i hope you’re not dillusional. haha

well, imma pretend its true.
okay, so here’s what you do.
1. find that "dirty ol’ troll" and tell him that you need your space suit back
2. tell him that if he gives you the space suit back, you’ll let him have your scuba diving gear..
3. make him believe that he can go swimming under the bridge and scare a lot of people by just POPPING out of the water(:
4. he should give you your space suit back && then you can give him your scuba diving gear.

Note: quickly run away, due to the fact that troll’s are verious mischievious and may try to snab you back for the trade.


As I read about becoming PADI certified for open water dives, I see different prices for the classroom and pool dives, plus are additional dives required (with extra fees?) neccessary for certification and why do I have to buy certain equipment of my own for certification, like snorkel, fins, boots and mask. Is this typical? Why do I have to purchase this stuff? How much does the gear cost? And I have two teenage daughters plus my husband interested in doing this for our cruise in August- should we pursue this, or just do the "beginners dive" that the cruise offers?

well when iwas taking my course i had to buy my own mask snorkel boots fins becasue this a necessitiy when your diving and you should always buy your own regulator and B.C. becasue these things not all dive sites have them to rent and you wouldnt want to share all that equipment that other people have used i have everything except my dive tank which you dont have to buy beavuse you can rent that anywhere but ive sometimes left some of my equiment at home and find it to very fruasting that i have to rent all this equpiment its really qutie annoying not to have your equipment as for the cruise dive you should only do it if you dont plan to go diving alot becaus the diving equipment does tend to get kinda of expensive but prices vary on what kinda brands you buy hope thid helps

Maybe what would be cool would be that the person, after doing their dive (let’s say, a reverse 1 and a 1/2 somersault with a full twist) would then be required to scuba dive underwater, trying to locate a hidden coin that was shot into the pool while they were doing their dive. They could be scored on how quickly they find the coin, and how gracefully they find it.

sounds like a good idea but scuba equitment is heavy so the diver would be weighd down when diving but other than that its cool

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