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Scuba Diver Girls Save a Horn Shark! Scuba Diver Girls Margo and Occhi were leading a guided tour on March 20th 2010 in La Jolla Ecological Reserve. They were enjoying the beautiful visibility after a long winter of bad conditions! The dive plan was to dive along the reef with the La Jolla Sea Caves as the destination. During March this dive is teaming with life but the biggest attraction is the horn sharks! They are everywhere hiding under the rocks, swimming by and generally just hanging out. They truly are a site to see! The other main attraction on this dive is the sea lions who have made the side of the cliffs their home.

Not long after they dropped down, they came upon an abandoned lobster trap. Margo spotted it first and realized there was a horn shark trapped inside! Occhi immediately picked up the trap and attempted to free the half dead shark by shaking him toward the opening in the trap. Margo realized the shark could not find his way out so she reached in and by his tail, guided him through the opening. He escaped to safety!

If anyone knows of a company that will retrieve these abandoned traps from La Jolla Cove, please contact us with their information. There are a number of these traps on the bottom of the ocean trapping marine life who are then left to die there. We are willing to mark the traps so they can be removed!

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Me and a friend of mine are planning on going to Florida in September to vacation.

Where would be a good relatively inexpensive ( but not a cheap dump ) place where we can stay sea side to snorkel and do some scuba diving.

Prefer either a hotel or rent-able condo. for a week.

Key Largo has some great scuba diving and snorkeling. I’ve gone diving with Ocean Divers, which has dive-and-stay packages with the next-door Marina Del Mar and the Holiday Inn, just across the marina. Marina Del Mar is relatively inexpensive, but it’s in good condition and makes for a relaxing place to stay.

The diving in the Key Largo area is great — in particular, I’d recommend doing any reef diving in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Molasses Reef has some nice, colorful fish. There are also some wrecks to dive, like the "Duane" and the "Spiegel Grove".

When I was down there last February, the winds made the seas too rough for diving, unfortunately. I ended up trying kitesurfing instead.

Well i head to Egypt Cairo and want to head to the Red Sea and scuba dive but also want to see the sights like the Pyramids of Giza and see other important sites of Egypt anyone have any ideas on how to best fit in all the major attractions and best way to travel either by train or bus cheer your help will be much appreciated

ill give you the best way, just go to the front of your hotel you will find taxis waiting there just deal with any of them pick nice one ang deal with him, he will take you in your life trip. believe me, they are specialists and not more than 250 or 300 $ maximum for all the trip
you will be paying the same almost if you go by any other way.
nice trip

how deep can one dive in scuba gear?

Most certifying agencies for recreational scuba place an arbitrary cap of 130 feet. It’s not law, it’s just a suggested maximum depth for using recreational scuba gear that MOST people will be ok with going to that depth and returning to the surface with no decompression obligations given that their bottom time doesn’t exceed NDL ( no decompression limits). It’s also about the depth before most (not all) divers begin to experience nitrogen narcosis. It’s actually possible to go much deeper on regular air with proper equipment and training. Your only limits in open circuit scuba are your training,experience, equipment, oxygen and nitrogen exposure and the volume/ type of gas supply. I’ve known divers, using normal 21% O2 air, to dive to 250 feet even though theoretically, they will have exceeded their PPO2 exposure( again, another number pulled out of a hat because it’s an average for most divers that still includes a safety margin).
Technical scuba divers go much deeper. They’re still using open circuit scuba gear but are using multiple exotic gas blends and some specialized equipment and training. The record set here is over 1,000 feet. My personal best is 353 feet on trimix with two back gas mixes, a deco of 50% and a crap load of paper scissors rock and hangman on a slate. ( deco games) I could have made the dive a lot cheaper but I hate hanging on a line.

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