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Dive Rite Nomad Expedition Harness/Rig with the Armadillo butt plate. Video shows incorrect trimming of aluminium sidemount cylinders, when using the “door handles” to mount the rear of the cylinder the base of the cylinder rides to high. After adjustment trim is corrected, note not using any attachments on the rear of the harness or butt plate. Do not get me wrong about this product, I am not saying it is not good; I actually use this product for certain technical dives. Let me further explain… The cylinders being used are aluminium 80s and have 80 BAR in each of them, so they are positive like the end of dive. If youre using multiple steel cylinders and a drysuit then mounting to the back d-rings or using the rear door handles at the start of the dive I would recommend. But when the cylinders become more neutral during the dive you should move them from the back to lower near the waist, this will keep the cylinders from rising and properly trimmed. What I am saying is you need to think about where you are mounting the cylinders once they become buoyant, if using aluminium this presents a bigger problem than using steel cylinders. More details found at

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Bodrum scuba diving

scuba diving in the Turkish Aegean near Bodrum

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Where can i scuba dive for sunken treasure?

HI i want to go on vacation and scuba dive for sunken treasure, most likely found in old sunken ships or maybe just coins/objects laying on the ground floor. where can i go that i would be most likely to find something?

Then this is the place you want to do it.
You’ll have to be at least an Open Water certified diver. The wreck site isn’t deep.

Mel has been pulling up gold, silver, emeralds and other artifacts from the Atocha for years. They’ve even found another lost Spanish treasure ship that they will (or have already) started salvage operations on.
You get to keep what you find up to a value of $2500. The cost of the trip. Check the website out to see what they’ve brought up already.

It first started as a Scuba diving vacation until we knew what was going on over water !
Greek Islands

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Scuba Diving Similan Islands Thailand 15

I Love Diving in Thailand

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