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A jewel in the South China Sea, Avillion Layang Layang Island Dive Resort has some outstanding diving on its 2000m deep walls. Famous for its hammerhead sharks and pristine coral reefs, Pulau Layang Layang is one of Asia’s top diving destinations. Produced by

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I was planning a vacation in one of these places with my husband, and he would like to go scuba diving (I don’t have the license). Anyway, I was wondering if Cozumel is much better than Playa del Carmen for that purpose.
Thank you!

Cozumel is actually only 12 miles off the coast from Playa Del Carmen so the boats basically go to the same dive areas. Cozumel is very quiet and low key while there is a little bit more action at Playa Del Carmen. It’s really whichever you prefer.

Rex vs. Crab Bahamas Vacation – Bahamas Diving

Small Hope Bay Lodge’s favorite potcake loves digging for crabs! We are afraid that the crabs don’t love him back. See what happens when Rex faces off against the crab. When Rex isn’t chasing the crabs, he likes to hang out with the scuba divers, snorkelers and relaxing vacationers at his all inclusive Bahamas resort, Small Hope Bay Lodge. He waits by the dock for the scuba divers to come back from their awesome Bahamas scuba diving trips . Rex hears that the wall diving, wreck diving, cavern diving, and shark dives are awesome!

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See why Long Dong Bay is such a popular scuba diving site in North Eastern Taiwan. Long Finned Gurnards, Weedy Scorpion Fish, Estuary Stone Fish, Mantis Shrimp, amazing Nudibranchs; the list of little living treasures goes on and on. When underwater, you cannot help but admit that God is the ultimate artist!

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DOL-Fin HP Monofin Test

This video is a of a R&D test swim for the DOL-Fin HP hydrofoil monofin. The High-Performance (HP) model of the DOL-Fin fuses the simple construction and diverse utility qualities of the DOL-Fin Classic with the highly efficient fin concepts of the Dol-Fin Orca freediving monofin. The DOL-Fin HP is an effective monofin for both scuba diving and freediving. For scuba diving, think of it as a 3.2 pound replacement for a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) that travels easily to remote and exotic diving destinations. Its unparalleled comfort will set new standards for both scuba and freediving fins. Visit for more information.

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