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Sidemount scuba diving with a single cylinder

The “modular bcd” or buoyancy device being used in this video, is a specialist “cave diving” piece of equipment, requiring specialist training. Sidemount buoyancy devices for “Open Water” diving environment will require more lift capacity; see the current “commercial” products like the Hollis SMS 100 or Dive Rite Nomad… Steve Martin, This video shows diving with a single sidemounted cylinder and open water diving skills using sidemounted configuration. Dives made using the Steve Bogaerts designed razor sidemount harness. Location Ponderosa, Mexico – filmed by Jason from, edited by Steve from

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Animals Scuba diving

Cat and dog love going underwater.

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Hey, Im 17, Finished school and have a passion for scuba diving and Underwater Photography and Videography…

I really wanna be a scuba diving instructor, working with people… traveling the world.
What really worries me is that, as I have already started getting my qualifications (currently rescue diver)… and working on a Yachts as a deckhand for money. Is that Being a Dive Master and Instructor will not pay enough for me to earn a decent living, i.e Nice house… car…. support a family etc. I know it seems early to be thinking about this but its just one of those things.

I really need some true stats etc, not just reassurance. Can I live a good life as a Diving Instructor…

I’ve also thought about Commercial Diving, But lets just stick to PADI Dive Instructor for now.

I Hope a ScubaBob answers this lol.

it always depends on how determined and good you are in what you do.
an avarage scuba instructor may not make much money.
Someone that owns a scuba shop in the right location might do just fine.
then there is the option to be a military diver. they pay lots of bonuses
and afterwards you have a good start to pretty much anything despending
diving. there are not many underwater photographers/videographers in the
world. if you are really good at what you do, you could sell your pictures.
National Geographic pays good i heard :o) good luck!

I have a waterproof bag for my Verizon Droid Incredible (I have included a link below). It says its waterproof up to 100 ft. If I take my phone scuba diving with me in that bag I’m sure the phone will stay dry however will the pressure of the water outside the bag cause damage to the phone? In case your wondering, I want to use the Camera functions of the phone not make calls under water. I also don’t exptect to dive below 60ft (I have already email the company, surprise…. they did not know.)

It may not get wet nor damaged but the air in the bag will compress. It’ll probably cause that bag to activate all sorts of buttons on the phone during that compression as the bag contacts the phone. Some all at once. This commonly happens with cameras in those bags.
Your call here. Personally I wouldn’t since the results will be unpredictable. You can rent a camera from the charter or dive outfit you’re going with that will handle 60 feet for dirt cheap. You won’t also have a bag distorting your images. You only get one shot at this so why waste time, effort and money that may get you nada. Be a diver and do it right first time.

Cayman Islands Grouper Vacation Dive

Scuba diving with a grouper in the Cayman Islands. Sponsored by

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