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Travel with us to the opposite side of the world from the United States, down under, for this exciting sailing and diving adventure into beautiful southwest Cozumel is known for its rich Mayan heritage found through-out the island, but it is also famous to divers who come here from all over the globe as being the ‘Drift Diving Capital of the World’. The island’s dive shops can accommodate as many as 1,100 divers a day for an excursion ‘down under’ to check out the magical reefs in some of the warmest and clearest tropical water in the world. In this ‘Dive Travel Video Adventure Series’ we take you on a tour of the Caribbean island, giving you a topside peek of the island’s attractions (including San Miguel, the island’s only town,) as well as a typical week of diving on the ever popular reefs that surround Cozumel. See the spectacular and colorful coral reefs as they unfold before your eyes filled with the marine life only native here. Sit back and enjoy!

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Here is the World Lightest Dive Gear put to the Test. The travel Dive Equipment package by Aqua Lung promise to make your travel experience that much easy with low profile, low volume, light weight dive gear design.

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How To Choose a Diving Fin – By Leisurepro

leisurepro To Choose a Diving Fin – By Leisurepro

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How to assemble the Dive Rite TransPlate scuba harness shoulders with Lamar Hires.

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The Sub Gear Magnetic Octopus Holder attaches to the hose of your octopus and using a strong magnet attached to your BCD, your octopus is fixed in place securely yet detaches quickly and easily when needed.

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