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I am planning to go to phuket for a few days, bangkok and koh phangan (full moon party) and doing things like partying, scuba diving, elephant trips, site seeing, shopping.

The problem is i can find an average price as so many web sites show different things. Has anyone else done this trip before?

Over 15 million tourists visited Thailand last year, I am sure many tourists did some of the things you want to do.

For the price of your plane tickets visit a local travel agency. Or let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard looking up various airlines that fly from your nearest major airport, (Sydney?) (If you don’t know then see a travel agency first!)

You won’t get too many figures because everyone spends money differently. Some travelers choose expensive hotels, some get by with cheap dives to sleep at. Too many variables to tell you an exact amount to bring. You want a rough estimate then figure how much would similar things cost in your country and plan on that amount. Even the cost of the plane tickets depends on where you fly from and the time of the year.

Plan a budget out first. After paying for your round trip ticket to Bangkok figure how much you can afford for your hotel rooms per night. Then find a hotel in your price range. Don’t go all bass ackwards and fit your budget to some other figure that may be over what you can afford. Roughly, food in Thailand cheaper than where you come from – unless you routinely eat at swanky, ritzy, expensive places because you will find those in Thailand too! Transportation is cheaper than where you come from unless you go out of your way to find private driver and vehicle.

Hotels are cheaper in the summer (now) than during the Christmas-New Years holidays. That is another variable. Are you skipping Bangkok? Skipping Bangkok is like visiting France or England and skipping Paris and London! Once you know how much your flight will cost for round trip why not stay a few days longer to make the most of your expensive plane ride? Unless you only choose expensive hotels a few days more in Thailand using cheap hotels would not cost you that much more money. Good shopping in Bangkok. Same things will cost more in Phuket unless it is made in Phuket. Google up elephant riding in Phuket or Bangkok and you will get some idea of cost and availability. Best for elephants is Surin area and Northern Thailand.

Koh Phangan. Google that up. Usually it is mostly young teenage boys who go there for the dope and to get stupidly drunk gazing at the moon. For 2 weeks you may not be able to do all of what you want to do anyway. Look at a map of Thailand – Phuket way on the bottom – Bangkok in the middle somewhere and Chiang Mai at the top! To only visit beaches in Thailand is also a waste of money! Surely you must have some beaches in your country that are nearer to your house than Phuket? But do you have Elephants and the "real Thailand" that you will find in Northern Thailand?

Ask your question on this forum. They get thousands like yours every year.

Good luck.

Vacation Scuba Dive 2

Scuba Diving on Vacation

Duration : 0:1:31

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Video about how its made diving scuba Dive Computers. Welcome to visit us. is a Scuba Dive Travel Guide and we do Scuba Diving Reviews. We dive we travel we share. Visit us at You can find many more information about travel, diving, marine life, useful tips and more..

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Vintage Dive Gear Demo 3

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Demonstration of vintage gear from the mid 70’s. Shows a Healthways Airflow regulator, a US Divers mask, Whitestag beavertail wetsuit, Voit duck fins, and other era appropriate equipment.

Model: Iara Mandyn
Produced by: Fathom Films

Music: “Scuba Party” by Little Richard

Special thanks to Jim Steele of Steele’s Discount Scuba in Oakland, CA for lending his gear and expertise.

Duration : 0:2:57

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Best 10 Diving Fins For Summer in 2011
Here you see full list of what diving fins we have chosen as best diving fins in 2011.

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