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Join us on another Philippines High Def Adventure to “Camiguin, The Island Born of Fire”.

Like most Philippines destinations, at Camiguin Island you’ll find the finest macro photography & marine critter diving to be had in the heart of The Coral Triangle, along with stunning nature scenes and animal encounter opportunities.

You might only have 1 or 2 weeks in a year to vacation, so why not make it the most exotic, spectacular nature experience as possible to the 3rd largest English speaking Country in the world, in “A Place Called Paradise”, all for less cost than the Carribean and far safer for tourists than any major U.S. city!

To put the Philippines marine bio-diversity & bio-density in perspective, the Philippines has 6 times more fish species and almost 10 times more species of hard & soft corals than the Caribbean!

The Philippines marine biosphere exceeds all of the Caribbean, Hawaii, Micronesia & Palau, and even the Great Barrier Reef pales in comparison to the Philippines!

Even while boasting guaranteed whale shark encounter diving in places like Leyte and large pelagic diving with the likes of thresher sharks in places like Malapascua, the Philippines truly is “The macro critter capital of the world” where Countrywide you’ll encounter World Class Diving that we call “Macro Without the Muckā„¢”

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The Philippines is the macro critter capital of the dive world, but who would have thought it is also the only all- but-guaranteed thresher and whale shark encounter dive destination too.

Till you try it, you’ll never realize just how much of a fun social experience an island hopping safari is, where instead of “sort of remembering some people on that trip”, instead you make lifelong memories and friends who are people you continue to stay in touch with long after.

Fun and Sun Dive & Travel operates very affordable island hopping safaris all over the Central Visaya’s in the Philippines, yet very late afternoons are enjoyed together by all at the chosen resorts along the itinerary path.

Thanks Sito, Jovie and all my new friends, along with the Philippines, you guys rock!

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Kathleen, Agnes and Jenna demonstrate what women should look for in getting a proper fit for the Dive Rite TransPac scuba harness.

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The Mares Volo fins feature: variable angle between the blade and foot pocket; expandable inserts for regulating and optimising the thrust angle; Compact blade, incorporating the channel thrust technology system for optimal channelling; Stabilizers to eliminate ankle torsion phenomena. The straps feature the ABS (Adjustable Binding System) widely acknowledged to be the world’s best binding and adjustment system.

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Nomad EXP and Nomad XT sidemount rigs swim through a cave in North Florida. Kenny is wearing the Nomad EXP Sidemount Rig and Jefferson is in his customized Nomad XT.

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