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Navy Dive School – Scuba Class 06010

My Naval SCUBA Dive class (06010)

A lot of people ask on how to become a diver, and though I must reiterate that this only a Navy SCUBA class, the advice is the same. Practice and stay in the game. The game is mental, so if you tell yourself you can do it, and really believe it, you can.

To clear any misconception that there may have been, and to prevent anyone from getting hurt, please do not practice negatives in water alone. Holding your breath in water is dangerous, and should not be taken lightly. If you are on compressed air and try this, there could be serious problems. If you are going to practice negatives, please do so in a safe, controlled environment.

For those of you who think this is not a dive class, regardless of length (This class actually took 6 weeks) or actual type of dive (SCUBA), you can just move along. There are is no need to leave nasty comments or tell me how much you disagree. Those comments will not be approved. If you would like to say something useful or ask a question, feel free.

In addition, the soundtrack on here is not the original. Youtube disabled my sound due to copyright laws, so I picked a song that fit the movement the best. It’s not my favorite song, but it works.

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for some extreme sports, skydiving, scuba diving etc. can anyone recommend anywhere?
or is it not really worth the extra money so should i just get a box standard travel insurance package?

I scuba dive and go hiking and rock-climbing on many of my trips, but travel insurance plans typically list those activities as excluded from coverage, which means I could be paying the high costs if I’m injured on a trip where I’m doing those activities. There are, however, a number of travel insurance plans that do provide coverage for medical care for those activities. You can read about it here: and find plans with coverage for adventure activities here: Note the plan limits.

Extreme scuba diving -Dead Sea underwater scenery.wmv

Diving in the Dead Sea is one of the most unusual and unique scuba diving experiences in the world. Most divers don’t imagine it is even possible at all. The amazing underwater scenery with its magnificent salt consolidation is breathtaking. In a clear day you can expect to see the salt crystals shining like million diamonds. The best description is probably the reaction of one of our divers right after his dive: “It is all covered white. It’s like diving in an ocean of ice, but the temperature and the weight you are carrying on you, remind you you are not”

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Scuba diving a flooded meadow

The most beautiful thing ever its amazing how this has happened.

I do not own this video, no copyright intended

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Custom Divers 40m, 70m & 125m Ratchet Reel can be operated by ratvher or on free run. You can select which mode you want to use by pulling and turning the selection knob which you can find at the bottom of the spool. The Ratchet Reel has a unique design making them snag-free and the tension of the spool run may also be adjusted to suit individual needs.

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