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What equipment is required to run a scuba dive shop? I am not referring to the personal scuba gear (mask, fins, BC, regulators etc.) I’m referring to equipment for the maintenance & repair shop.

you will also need a helium leak detector to help you check to ensure none of your supplies are leaking. that would be dangerous to your customers. just think what would happen if a diver bought an oxygen tank that has slowly been leaking for weeks….. disaster right. btw, it is possible because that almost happened to me should help you find one

I was just wondering what the best places on earth are to go scuba diving? and if you could also please tell me a good zoo to go to?

There are as many answers to this question as there are divers in the world.

‘Best’ is an entirely subjective measure, dependent on what a diver likes to see/do underwater, their financial resources, and their level of qualification and experience. So it’s impossible to give you an absolutely definitive answer, since your question is so broad.

However, the following areas come up regularly in dive-magazine ‘bucket-lists’:

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia (longest barrier reef in the world, with thousands of dive sites)
Maldives, Indian Ocean (strong currents, large pelagics)
Aliwaal Shoals, South Africa (big sharks!)
Sulawesi, Indonesia (huge marine biodiversity, including many endemic marine species)
Galapagos, Ecuador (major shark aggregations)
Truk Lagoon, Pacific Ocean (many WWII wrecks)
Bikini Atoll, Pacific Ocean (US vessels sunk during atomic bomb tests — experienced divers only!)

Personally, the Red Sea is a favourite destination — reliably good warmwater diving conditions, well-established tourist industry infrastructure, and close enough to home that I can afford semi-regular holidays there with my family.


Walking tour of brac reef beach resort where scuba diving dining and service are great.

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Terraria 1.1 – Diving Gear

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The Diving Gear is a new accessory item from 1.1 update. It is made from the Flippers and Diving Helmet, and combines their functionality.

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