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Information Regarding Bends

After getting used to your guitar, the next step would be to learn to play guitar tabs. Whenever you hear a song you like and want to play it yourself, you need to either make the tablature for the song by ear yourself or you can just look for it over the Internet. A tab consists of many symbols and to successfully read one, you must know each of them. Bellow, I will explain two guitar styles which are used more and more often.

First of all, a tablature is a method of writing down music that’s played on the guitar or bass. Unlike other music sheets, the tab uses normal ASCII characters and numbers. Your basic tab has 6 lines, which represent the guitar strings, and numbers and letters on them telling you which string to play and so on. If you really want to learn to play guitar tabs, it is vital that you can read a tab easily and fast.

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Scuba diving is a fabulous sport to get involved in, but there is a down side – the equipment isn’t cheap. If you’re planning to do a lot of scuba diving, then you also need to allow for the costs of buying your own equipment.

When you’re many meters under the surface of the ocean, you need to be confident that you have the right gear and that it won’t break down unexpectedly. So buying good quality scuba diving equipment is important. Still, if you spend some time looking around, it’s possible to still buy good gear at cheaper prices. You’re going to need a few things, so if you manage to save some dollars, even if it’s only on some of your gear, it all helps.

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Information Regarding Learn Scuba Diving

There are many different ways to learn to scuba dive. A friend or partner teaches someone in a pool. Others jump off a boat and descend holding hands with an instructor. (The French system). “Batem”.

Some join a scuba diving club or sign up for a scuba diving course at their local dive shop. The best way to get a ‘taste’ for it and having the greatest chance of having a safe enjoyable diving experience is at a holiday resort. Preferably on a tropical island holiday resort. Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean is surely one such place – Diving Mauritius. The calm clear water, the relaxed atmosphere and your own relaxed state of mind will all contribute to the success of the experience.

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There seems to be an influx of accidental diving deaths in the media these past few weeks. An experienced instructor drowned in her own trainining pool, a renowned diver lost his life to the Andrea Doria in Massachusetts, as well as Ashley Mauldin, who’s family lost her on a dive trip in the Bahama’s. If you are a new diver or a seasoned veteran, you should never skip corners on safe diving practices. Below is an outline of common safe diving procedures. By all means, feel free to add your own, but our sport never allows for subtraction.

Dive Buddy

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While you are scuba diving, you are no doubt amazed by the beauty and grace of the underwater world and wish to share it with your family and friends who you have not been able to convince to go with you as of yet. Or maybe you just want to capture photos of your experiences so that you can keep them for your own enjoyment. No matter the reason, most people have a great desire to begin learning underwater photography fairly early on in their scuba diving career.

If this sounds like you, you have likely already begun browsing your local scuba dive shops for equipment and started reading up on articles and information published by underwater photography professionals. While you can find a lot of information in this way, a lot of it is technical and hard to follow. For this reason, the best way to learn how to take pictures underwater is to start taking them and then learn through trial and error.

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