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Finding Reputable Scuba Diving Classes

Scuba diving, like any other skilled activity, must be learned before it can be mastered. So, for those who have a desire to take to the ocean in scuba gear, choosing from among scuba diving classes is an inevitable part of the process. Finding reputable scuba diving classes will ensure that you receive the skills you need to begin your journey in scuba.

The beauty of scuba diving classes is that they can be found anywhere – from small towns to big cities – and do not require proximity to the ocean. As a matter of fact, most scuba diving classes are taught in a pool facility, giving instructors the benefit of a controlled environment in which to teach the basics of scuba. And for a scuba novice, a pool environment is much less intimidating than the ocean, especially when you are just learning how to operate with the variety of scuba gear you must don to dive.

First and foremost in your quest to find scuba diving classes is to ascertain the reputation of classes offered closest to you. It is imperative that you receive lessons from certified instructors who have experience with training – not just participating in – scuba diving. Ask around to find people who have taken scuba diving classes from particular instructors and facilities to narrow down your search. There are actual scuba schools that exist but be sure to check public pool facilities where instructors periodically visit to give scuba diving classes.

In most cases, you can visit the facility, and actually participate in a trial class – at no charge – to determine if it’s the appropriate environment for your particular needs. More often than not, you will begin with comprehensive classroom instruction before even entering the pool.

Additionally, most reputable scuba diving classes will offer equipment for use during lessons. This can be helpful if you have not yet fully committed yourself enough to scuba diving to purchase the expensive equipment.

The most important thing you should receive from scuba diving classes is confidence. It should be a comfortable, well-paced learning environment where you feel that all of your questions are thoroughly answered and where safety is of the utmost concern. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to exploring the many mysteries beneath the ocean.

Michelle Bery

What you need to go diving. Learn about Basic gear that you will need in order to scuba dive, such as Regulator and wet suit in this free scuba diving lesson.

Expert: Cole Abbott
Bio: Cole Abbott is currently working as a divemaster in Kauai, Hawaii. He holds many certifications through PADI, including Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Fish Identification and Search and Rescue.
Filmmaker: Amy Miyajima

Duration : 0:1:1

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Using Scuba Diving Gear

Just as a golfer has his clubs, and a skier dons his skis, scuba divers have their own set of scuba diving gear that is required to enjoy their sport. Scuba diving gear comes in many varieties and the choices between them depend on your level of skill, logistical needs, and frequency of use. But the universal truth is that scuba diving gear is designed to ensure the safest of dives for everyone – and everything – involved.

First and foremost, the wetsuit is one of the prime pieces of scuba diving gear. Made from synthetic rubber, and lined with nylon fabric, the wetsuit offers a protective barrier between the scuba diver and the varying temperatures that can be found in the water. The primary role of the wetsuit is to keep moisture away from the skin and maintain the body’s temperature, thus protecting it from hypothermia in colder temperatures. It is most important that any wetsuit you use fits snug to your body at all times.

Obviously, the ability to breathe underwater is what makes scuba diving possible. Therefore, the most essential part of scuba diving gear, is the oxygen tank. Strapped to the diver’s back, the oxygen tank provides different amounts of oxygen depending on their size. Based upon the length of the dive you choose to make, you will carry an equivalent sized tank; most come equipped with gear that allows you to measure the amount of oxygen you have left so you can safely resurface when appropriate.

The oxygen is pumped directly into your face and eye mask – another essential piece of scuba diving gear. It is important that your mask fits snuggly over your face to ensure proper oxygen circulation and the ability to see without restriction. In addition, most divers will also don flippers as part of their scuba diving gear.

Diving safely and responsibility is the only way to scuba; so be sure to use appropriate scuba diving gear when heading underwater.

Michelle Bery

Where can i buy vintage scuba diving gear?

i would like to purchase some vintage dual hose regulators and wetsuits and nobody at the scuba shops sells them. I’ve checked out the websites online too… does anyone have any they don’t need anymore? I will take them off your hands for free if in good working condition! ..

Ebay is the best bet but expect to pay a little although vintage scuba gear isn’t normally used much any more so it can be picked up quite cheaply. Just remember that it is hard to keep vintage gear in good working condition as the parts are hard to come by and servicing is difficult so most vintage gear cannot be used diving any more.

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