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Aqua Lung Travel Light Video

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Scuba diving license?

I want to start scuba diving. Not that much, probably twice a year or something.
Basically, I travel a lot so I just want to explore the sea of the areas I have visited as well. I don’t have equipment on diving, so I plan on renting there. Do I need specific license to dive?
If so, how much it costs, and how long it takes?

Do you think it’s just waste of time and money when you can just sneak in and dive the way you want?

Short answer to your questions:

No, you don’t necessarily need a certification to go diving (but it’s useful to have).

A basic entry-level scuba course takes 25-30 hours’ tuition to complete. Certification cost is variable, depending on location and what’s included — but usually somewhere in the US$250-500 range.

No, it’s not a waste of time and money — how much is your life worth to you?

Longer answer:

Scuba gear is life support equipment for exploring an alien world, where mistakes can be fatal — and sometimes are, even for highly qualified and experienced divers. If you don’t have the first clue what diving does to your body, or how to assemble and use the gear correctly, or how to plan dives safely, scuba diving can injure or kill you in many… interesting… ways, even in very shallow water. A scuba certification shows that you have learned at least the basics of scuba diving.

It’s true that, wherever you go in the world, you will nearly always be able to go scuba diving without being certified BUT you will only be allowed to dive with an instructor/guide, AND you will be restricted to the shallowest, most boring sites (so you can’t do too much damage), AND the guide will stick to you like glue to make sure that you don’t do anything stupid.

Without a dive certification, no dive shops will be willing to offer you anything more adventurous than this, never mind supplying you with the means to go scuba diving on your own. There is not a single dive shop in the world where you would be able to "just sneak in and dive the way you want" (where on earth did you get this idea?).

Even if you somehow managed to acquire a full set of scuba gear, you’d still need to get your tanks filled. So you’d also need to buy and maintain your own compressor. And frankly, if you can afford to do that, you can certainly afford to pay for an entry-level scuba course. Doing a basic scuba course costs relatively little, and the certification lasts a lifetime, which is likely to be a lot closer to your natural span than it would be if you try to go diving on your own without knowing what you’re doing.

Scuba Diving in the Gili Islands

I’ve been messing around with Final Cut Pro for the past 2 days with some underwater footage i shot last year in the Gili Islands …this is the result 😉
Camera used Canon Ixus 110 IS

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Philippines: Batangas & Baguio – Scuba Diving


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Where should I travel to see the beauty of Nature?

I love photography, and I really have an itch to get out and travel while I am young and free of commitment. I have money saved up for travel (money is not the most important factor here), and I’m very much into adventure (parasailing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, etc.).
What are the best places to travel if you simply want to see breath-taking views of nature?

Dive in the beautiful clear Adriatic Sea
Dive in rivers and crystal lakes and wiggle into holes for cave diving
Speak in English and get replies in English in almost all of Slovenia.
Just as well too.
Here is the Slovenian Diving Federation
Parasail on the beautiful blue or green or just grey and sometimes black when there’s no Moon at night but sparkling silver and all romantic and lovely when there’s a big Moon up but half Moons are OK too on the Adriatic Sea. Parasailing that was in case you forgot.[]=1061&subTabID=subTabActivities
Paraglide in the Soca valley with the lovely Julian Alps all around
Climb the beautiful Julian Alps under a clear blue sky or another one sometimes cos you can’t have Paradise every single day even in Slovenia but you get lots of it most times cos you’ll still be in Slovenia and it’s magic in Slovenia
Walk easy trails or harder ones or run them if you like if you get enough porridge for breakfast
Explore the spectacular caves of the Karst Region
( the region that gaves us the term karstic geology)
Take zillions of pictures of trees and plants and flowers and animals and birds and rocks and mountains and lovely people and smiling goats and greengrocer shops and the old shopping streets in beautiful Ljubliana and the castles and the triple briddge and wonderful cakes and …and… it’s magic in Slovenia.
And it’s got a mountain on the national flag….yipppeeeee
I love mountains
It’s Triglav….the triple peak.
And it’s not very expensive in Slovenia either. In fact, it’s qute reasonable.
Three for Slovenia on the link and see Ike besi…she’s in the travel business. Old answer but Slovenia is even better now. It just had it’s 20th anniversary.;_ylt=Ag0EvJ84fRfw.oD5nrFzrS0hBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081130030454AAWVR6Z&show=7

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