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Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy all my Maldives Vlogs, that I filmed daily during my vacation from December 21st-31st.
I had an amazing time there, and I wanted to share my experience with all of you 🙂
All the links to all the other Maldives videos i did will be posted here soon, when all my vlogs will be uploaded 😉
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Read the rest of this entry Three passions in my life are family, scuba diving, and videography. I combined them and took life to a new enjoyment level. I love taking scuba dive trips to dive destinations throughout Florida. Follow me to discover what is scuba diving, where to scuba dive, and how to scuba dive. Learn how family vacations can last a life time. I’m passionate about taking video and photos of other divers to “capture the depth of your memories”.

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club bucanero scuba dive center part1

marvellous undersea scuba dive with all species of fish and corals ,Club bucanero Santiago de Cuba .

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Sunset House Grand Cayman

Here is a promo video we produced for Sunset House, a scuba diving resort/hotel on Grand Cayman Island.

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Bucket List Item – Scuba diving?

On my bucket list I have "go scuba diving." I decided I want to scuba at Epcot DiveQuest when I go on vacation. I have a few questions.

~How long does it take to get a certificate?
~Also I wear glasses so can you wear them with your goggles on?
~How hard is it to scuba dive 🙂

I would love any scuba diving advice to. Thanks 🙂

The time it takes to complete a certification course varies depending on how the dive center or instructor wants to schedule the class. A common way to schedule the course is over two weekends with the first weekend consisting of classroom & pool training and the second weekend consisting of open water dives. However, the dive center may choose to run the class during evenings and spread it out over several weeks, or may try to accelerate it through self-study. The average course typically includes somewhere around 30 hours of instruction, with the more hours the better.

You cannot wear glasses under your mask. If you are nearsighted and your vision isn’t terrible without glasses you may be able to get by without any correction while diving since there is a slight magnifying effect that occurs when light passes from water into the air space inside your mask. Another option would be to wear contact lenses instead of glasses while diving. A third option would be to get corrective lenses installed onto the mask itself, which means you need to purchase the mask and have the lenses installed before starting the course.

Scuba diving is not hard, but you do have to learn a number of things including some basic physics and physiology in order to be a safe diver. You should also be comfortable being in & under water, and need to possess basic swimming skills. A lot depends upon you…some students are very comfortable and relaxed underwater from the start while others may struggle and find it stressful or scary. Most people fall somewhere in between.

Before you even start learning how to dive you must be free of certain health conditions that can make scuba too risky for you to do safely. Healthy respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems are all necessary to avoid injury underwater so conditions like asthma, heart disease, or epilepsy could prohibit you from being a diver. Before starting any water training you will need to fill out a medical history form that will help identify any potential problems which require a medical exam and doctor’s approval before continuing.

You may find the following link useful . It addresses a number of questions that potential dive students frequently ask.

The best thing for you to do is to locate dive centers near you and talk to some instructors about training. You can use this link to find the 7 dive centers nearest you by entering your zip code. If you can, shop around a little before selecting a dive center and/or instructor. This is a link to an article with some good tips on choosing an instructor that will be right for you:

Good luck.

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