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Mataking Island Dive Resort

Scuba diving vacations in a marvelous island resort in Mataking island, Sabah. Amazing dive sites, 45 mins by boat from Semporna, Sabah. A Borneo scuba diving adventure. Welcome to Mataking Island Dive Resort.

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Where are some good vacation spots in Florida?

I’m planning out Spring Break! I want to go to an island with a resort on the beach. They keys sound nice but I don’t know much about them. This is a family vacation and scuba diving/snorkling is something we’d want to do. Also, swimming with dolphins is an activity we are looking forward to. Please list an island(or several) with a little information about it. Remember: The Florida Keys is something i want to look into. Thanks! <333

Florida is not an island.. but I do have some suggestions. I’ve been on 3 cruises, therefore to a LOT of different tropical islands. The VERY best island that I have come in contact with would have to be Grand Cayman, some of the best snorkeling in the world, and many dolphins to swim with. However, Dominican would be the best "family" oriented place to visit. – MUST SEE VACATION RENTAL HOME

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Extreme scuba diving -Dead Sea underwater scenery.wmv

Diving in the Dead Sea is one of the most unusual and unique scuba diving experiences in the world. Most divers don’t imagine it is even possible at all. The amazing underwater scenery with its magnificent salt consolidation is breathtaking. In a clear day you can expect to see the salt crystals shining like million diamonds. The best description is probably the reaction of one of our divers right after his dive: “It is all covered white. It’s like diving in an ocean of ice, but the temperature and the weight you are carrying on you, remind you you are not”

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Learn more about the unique geology of The Crater at the Homestead Resort, in scenic Midway, Utah. This naturally heated water formed an impressive dome over a 70 foot deep sinkhole, providing year round warm water. Swim, snorkel, or scuba dive with your own equipment, or rent some during a lesson at The Crater.

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