I smoked for the last 5 years (approx 15 a day), starting when i was 18 and giving up two months ago when I was 23. Since then I’ve decided to start scuba diving, i have to sit a medical in a couple of days and wondered if i am likely to have any trouble? Also, smoking for only 5 years is this likely to effect my diving at all? Is it still just as safe?

I don’t have asthma, or any breathing problems for that matter, I am quite fit and healthy, i had bronchitis a couple winters ago and had pneumonia when i was 13.. Anyone who knows about this kind of thing if they can help me out that would be great! Thanks.

i used to have asthma, i don’t anymore. I used to have it so bad id have to use those polmoaide breathing machines when the inhaler wouldn’t be enough..

I have smoked regularly for 8 years now and scuba dive on occasion i have never had a problem.