Snorkeling and Diving Gear Very Sweet Deals

I have included a direct link to each one of these products in the video. When you click the links you will get more details about the product and instantly be able to read all kinds of reviews & get AMAZING Discounts.

#1 Star Air 3.5G Gas Engine Portable Breathing Air Compressor

#2 Star Air 3E Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor

#3 Hollis H-160 Dive Propulsion Vehicle

#4 Dive Xtras Sierra Standard Package

#5 Sea and Sea MDX-D3 Housing for Nikon D3/D3x

#6 Sea and Sea MDX-MKIII Housing for Canon Mark III 1D/1Ds

#7 Light and Motion BluefinG2 Canon Housing, OLED

#8 Hollis H-160 Dive Propulsion Vehicle

#9 Silent Submerge UV-26 Scooter

#10 Hollis H-160 Diver Propulsion Vehicle with LED Light

Duration : 0:2:22

[youtube mxs7sz1-1zM]