Pattaya is nestled forth a arresting bay on the East Bank of the Gulf of Thailand, about 170 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. From a fishing apple in the 1960’s, Pattaya has emerged as the admired Southeast Asian vacation center. A alluring escape breadth tourists, anniversary makers and vacationers from about the apple disentangle an incomparable arrangement of possibilities to disentangle during an alien anniversary bank vacation.

Unlike added bank resorts, breadth accustomed ambience are acclimated as magnets to allure tourists, Pattaya makes an absolute attack to accommodate the best of everything. Here, aggregate agency aggregate a day-tripper can brainstorm while on holiday: recreation, entertainment, sports, sightseeing and fun. To put it simply, Pattaya is a paradise for everyone, as it has a arrangement of attractions acceptable for all types of visitors. This is the abode breadth you can ample your day, from dark to dawn, with amaranthine activities, or you may accept to do annihilation at all and relax.

The Past

Pattaya’s name was originated from the advance of Phraya Tak (later accepted as King Taksin the Great) and his followers from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi just afore the abatement of the Ayutthaya Kingdom to the Burmese invaders in 1767.

When Phraya Tak’s army accustomed in the around of what is Pattaya today, he encountered the troops of Nai Klom who approved to ambush him. If the two leaders met face to face, Nai Klom was addled by Phraya Tak’s aristocratic address and his army’s austere discipline, thereby surrendering after a fight. The abode breadth the two armies confronted anniversary added was after alleged Thap Phraya, which agency the Army of the Phraya. This was after afflicted to Phatthaya, which happens to beggarly the wind alarming from the southwest to the northeast at the alpha of the backing season. Today the spelling of the name has been simplified to Pattaya.

For centuries, Pattaya was a baby fishing apple about cut off from the alfresco world. But a big change occurred on 29 April 1961 if the aboriginal accumulation of about 100 American servicemen who would accompany the Vietnam War accustomed in Pattaya for relaxation. Soon, asleep Pattaya became Thailand’s arch and a lot of acknowledged bank resort, which annually attracts hundreds of bags of gluttonous visitors. A abounding ambit of apartment from cool choice hotels to bungalows and mini-pocket guesthouses replaced fishermens huts forth the beach. Fishing argosy were acclimatized to become day-tripper boats and swimmers and sunbathers from different locations of the apple frequented the quiet arenaceous aureate beaches. Places of caliginosity ball accept aswell sprung up and are accepted a part of all-embracing tourists.

The Present

Pattaya currently integrates the delights of a 1st chic bank resort, city-like dining, arcade and night ball accessories with added than 300 different hotels, bags of shops, restaurants and bars. In addition, there are an arrangement of sports and recreational activities including beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, go-kart, gyms for alive out, weight appropriation and Thai-boxing gear. Pattaya offers a ample ambit of things to do. During the day, one may adore benumbed elephants or active apprehensive automated mini-bikes, aberrant motorcycles, or even monster checkered convertible Jeeps. Others go for cutting firearms, scuba diving and surfing, abyssal fishing, acceleration boats, scooters, water-skiing, parasailing, or aeriform sports such as gliding ultra-lights and aerial motor-propelled gliders. On the added hand, at night, there are restaurants, bars, theaters, cabaret shows, night clubs, bowling halls, billiard & snooker clubs, discos, bathroom & beating parlors, not to adduce its actually absurd arcade which is accessible ceaseless both day-and-night.

Pattaya Facts

This alien bank resort welcomes about 5 actor visitors a year. The affable and accessible Thai attributes boosts its promotion, frequently bringing aback the echo visitors and consistently accretion the amount of newcomers.

Pattaya city-limits is amid on the eastern bank of the country at breadth 13 N and breadth 101 E in the breadth of Chon Buri province. It is 147 kilometers from Bangkok and lies alongside to Sukhumvit Road on its east and the bank on its west. Pattaya occupies an breadth of 208.1 sq. km. that is disconnected into 53.44 sq. kilometers of acreage and 154.66 sq. kilometers of islands and sea. Its bank is 15 kilometers long.

Pattaya has a apparent on the bank with some top mountains to the south. The breadth on the east slopes down appear the sea on the west.


Pattaya City-limits has been administered beneath a appropriate free arrangement back 1978. It has a cachet commensurable to that of a city and is administered alone by the ambassador of Pattaya City, who is amenable for authoritative policies, acclimation accessible services, and authoritative all advisers of Pattaya City-limits Administration.

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