Here I’m showing my vintage style mens 2 piece beavertail wetsuit with it’s accessories laid out. This is a sharkskin wetsuit. The jacket is has a beavertail that tucks between your legs and then it has 2 snaps that hold it to the other side of the jacket. The bottom part of the wetsuit which covers your legs and waist is like a pant instead of the farmer john style of today’s wetsuits which cover the upper and lower body and the straps go over your shoulders. They are sharkskin gloves and a hood. The boots are step in instead of having a zipper down the side like modern booties. The fins are vintage U.S. Diver’s Otarie and they are step in instead of having a strap running across the back like today’s style of fins. This type of suit was used in the 70’s and 80’s by scuba divers of all ages. Watch my other beavertail video to see me wearing this suit. Some of the James Bond 007 movies show this type of suit

Duration : 0:0:41

[youtube p0M0ZgtTh1Y]