Dive Rite Nomad Expedition Harness/Rig with the Armadillo butt plate. Video shows incorrect trimming of aluminium sidemount cylinders, when using the “door handles” to mount the rear of the cylinder the base of the cylinder rides to high. After adjustment trim is corrected, note not using any attachments on the rear of the harness or butt plate. Do not get me wrong about this product, I am not saying it is not good; I actually use this product for certain technical dives. Let me further explain… The cylinders being used are aluminium 80s and have 80 BAR in each of them, so they are positive like the end of dive. If youre using multiple steel cylinders and a drysuit then mounting to the back d-rings or using the rear door handles at the start of the dive I would recommend. But when the cylinders become more neutral during the dive you should move them from the back to lower near the waist, this will keep the cylinders from rising and properly trimmed. What I am saying is you need to think about where you are mounting the cylinders once they become buoyant, if using aluminium this presents a bigger problem than using steel cylinders. More details found at www.sidemountscubadiving.com

Duration : 0:1:38

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