Hi guys. I am looking for a gear bag for my scuba diving equipment. I am told duffles are great for storing gear. What’s a good size and any brands you can recommend?

Yeah, you can use duffles or hockey bags. A lot of the hockey bags out these days are wheeled which is a bonus. If you go this route, you’ll probably want to buy a reg bag as well to protect them in those types of bags.
Personally, I use this: http://www.armorbags.com/wheeledbags.htm
It’s #89, the Traveler. It’s a proper gear bag that has it’s own reg section and pockets for fins inside. Can be hauled as a back pack, carried or wheeled. They’re pricey though. I spent 250 bucks on it but they are tough and protect your gear far better than a duffle or hockey bag.