I’m getting my certification soon and before I did I wanted to learn a bit about the equipment and what it does also any websites about scuba diving would be great!
I also have to do a 200m swim and tred water for 10 minutes, I’m a good swimmer but does anyone have any suggestions on how to train for this
Thanks! 🙂

You’ll learn all the basics re. equipment from your course manual/DVD. Your instructor will advise on what equipment is appropriate/needed for diving in the area where you’ll qualify.

One of the best websites I know for (relatively) unbiased reviews of divegear, tips and techniques, tour operators and dive courses is http://www.divernet.com . Admittedly it tends to be skewed towards the British/European market, but aside from the personal prejudices of its writing staff (all of whom are highly qualified, well-travelled and experienced divers) there is no editorial policy of promotion of any specific agencies, brands, etc.

Re. the swim test: If you are already a competent swimmer and comfortable in the water, no extra training should be needed: the 200 m non-stop swim is 8 lengths of a standard ‘short-course’ pool, which should be within the fitness capabilities of nearly everyone — there is no time limit. The 10-minute tread can also be a ‘float’ — if you know how to float on your back, then you should be able to maintain this position indefinitely with near-zero effort.