Well, that depends. Realistically, the minimum amount of money you are going to spend is about $ 5000.00.

$ 5000.00!

Yeah, $ 5000.00. Probably it will be closer to $10,000.00 or possibly more.

Before you react, let me put that in perspective for you:

How much did your last divorce cost you? $ 5000 may not have even covered the attorney’s fees.

A formal wedding dress can approach $ 5000.00 in cost.

Jewelers recommend three to six month’s wages as the suggested cost of an engagement ring.

A vacation for two averages three hundred dollars per day plus airfare and personal expenses, for a total of $ 5000.00 for a typical Club Med vacation.

Scuba diving, bicycling, or other equipment intensive hobby will probably cost you more than $ 5000 to get started.

To join a dating service, the entrance fees are often three to five thousand dollars or more.

It’s Worth Every Penny !
I can assure you that the adventure of wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams will be more exciting than any hobby or vacation you will undertake. It will be more spine tingling than bungee jumping or parachuting.

It will be more exciting than a dating service, where you are much more likely to be introduced to your neighbor’s ex-wife than a Playboy bunny.

You will enjoy spending the money much more for a trip to meet half a dozen beautiful Russian women than you would on scuba tanks or a mountain bike and certainly much more than on a divorce attorney.

If you have to, borrow the money from your mother. She probably will be happy to help you get out from in front of your television set or computer screen and go meet a woman who will spawn grandchildren for her.

John Kunkle