Searching the web I came across :
Is this a legit site to buy scuba equipment? has someone purchased from them?.

I am looking to get a dive computer (OCEANIC VERSA WRIST PDC). It is a basic, cheap computer, but their advertised price beats all prices online.

Here is the link:
scubabob: I am shopping around and came across that particular site. I am by no means wealthy (maybe you are). So let’s do this, where is your LDS?. what is their phone #?. Or better yet, entertain me, and ask them if they carry the item in question, and let me know what their price is…
scubabob: thanks for the price info. Where is your LDS?. Does he have a website? Why do you ask about nitrox? I thought this dive computer was both air/nitrox. Anyway, I am a new recreational diver, with only 8dives (max 95ft), and planning another trip to the caribbean for another 7-8dives in june. I don’t own any of the equipment, and wanted to buy the basic (fins, mask and maybe 3mm wetsuit) + dive computer. Based on my needs I am looking at entry level models for the computer as well as basic equipment. Maybe you or your LDS can suggest a sub $200 dive computer for my needs, as well as decent mask, fins, wetsuit.. send me a private if u want. thanks for the info.
forgot to say, I live near NYC, where most LDS are highly overpriced since they cater to certain customers with lots of disposable income.. I don’t fit the bill 🙂

Pagro, you get what you pay for. Buy from an on line retailer and you’ll get on line service for the item. Buy from a dive shop and you’ll get in person, instant service.
Personally, I’ll NEVER buy online. I like breathing, I like not having to be dry for a few weeks while my gear is in transit being repaired ( if they will honour that), I like the savings I get buying from my local shop. He understands he has online competition and gives me a 10% break. I get fast service and zero down time. Can you borrow gear from an online shop while yours is getting serviced? No, didn’t think so.
The funny thing is…if you buy from your local shop, your prices go down. An example: Last week I bought an Ike Lite housing for my camera. From my local shop. I paid wholesale. Must be because I support my local shop.
You want cheap though huh?Is that what you figure you’re worth?
Edit: I’m not being rude at all. I’m suggesting that the asker’s life IS worth more than money. How is that being rude? I am also pointing out that cheap doesn’t mean better and that by purchasing from your local shop, you’ll often get discounts or even some things at cost. It’s their way of saying "thanks" for helping them stay in business. I’ll be heading to my usual shop tonight ( Friday) and enquire as to what their cost is in Canadian funds.
He can do 167.00 Canadian dollars. From the difference I see there, well. your choice. Me..I can just take it back. It’s an LDS. I try and buy and if I screw up, I still have recourse because they trust me as I do them. Man..I still can’t see how that guy thinks I’m being rude for laying it on the line. I’d love to take him/her/kid on a "trip".
BTW, I’m not "rich", I just know what I need and spend appropriately.No fancy car, just a pick up that I bought for the simple reason that it hauls my dive gear ( com and rec) and it’s red. The Red part cost me an extra 200 bucks. You get what you pay for, unless you’re Shane. I don’t dive with Shanes. Too many "equipment aborts". Shane’s think that you can skip the common sense in lieu of cost savings. I like diving with people that place their well being and their buddies above all.
If you feel comfortable, by all means…buy from those guys. I’m just pointing out the negatives, after all, it’s your money. I’d just like you to think about the "future". Nitrox?. That’s it.
Sorry that Shane and yourself took it as rude. Far from it. I am just expressing what many cold water divers will. Simple…ask them.