I attend a college that is offering scuba diving lessons and certification for $300 with the equipment included and everything else there is needed for scuba diving.

Is that a good price or would I be better going somewhere else?

Thank you.
The equipment is not to keep. Just to rent.

I paid 395 for the pool portion and all open water dives. We didn’t have the option to rent "personal" equipment and paid a additionalsnorkelr mask, snorkel, boots, and fins (did not include BCD, regulator, tank, or suit). My total to get PADI Open Water Certification was 554.

The way I see it, if you decide you enjoy scuba and want to invest in your own equipment, you are still 100 less than what I paid to begin with. If you decide scuba isn’t something you wish to persue, then you’re out 254 less than you would have been taking it the way I did.