There are people who are closer to the mountains and then there are people who feel closer to the ocean or the sea. For those who love the mountains there is rock climbing and for those who love the oceans, there is scuba diving. Most of the beach towns in the world have scuba diving on their menu and offer some of the most exotic views of the ocean world. If you are traveling to Australia, you will get to see the almost stunning eco system under the ocean, which is more famous as the Great Barrier Reef. It supports thousands of marine life and scuba diving is the only way to reach there. Scuba diving allows you to see a completely different world separate from the one you live in.

Just because there is an ocean doesn’t mean that scuba diving is easy. You need to gather as much information possible on scuba diving and regarding the hot spots. You also need to know swimming. And remember, for starters a shark infested colony would be the worst place to scuba dive. Scuba diving will open your eyes to a world that you can only dream of. You can get to see thousands of varieties of fishes, planktons, corals and many others. Some of the best diving sites are in the Bahamas, Australia, Florida, and Mexico, although you can find your own new scuba diving site almost anywhere in the world except Antarctica. There you will end up freezing!

Without proper knowledge and training, diving can be a very dangerous sport. Therefore all commercial diving companies require certification that their customers have completed at least some sort of basic diving course. These courses are available in most of the same areas (and even from the same companies) that offer the actual scuba diving trips. As a trainee, you will head out with professional divers who will take you on multiple training dives. This way, you will become familiar with equipment and techniques, and eventually earn a certificate that will allow you to go on for the more serious dives.

Once you have a diving certificate, the opportunities will be endless. If you want to focus on a particular area, such as ocean life, you can pick a particular spot which is rich in marine life. In some of the scuba diving ventures, you can even swim along with dolphins or other fishes and or get surrounded by schools of fishes. This can be quite exciting and adventurous and probably be the best way to spend your vacation. Alternatively, if you are more interested in exploring, you can go scuba dive around reefs or caves that will provide amazing and unspoiled underwater landscapes for you to enjoy.

There are several risks associated with scuba diving, but with proper training and with good equipment you are not likely to encounter them. You need to pay close attention to water pressure during the descent and ascent. You have to time the changes in pressure accordingly in order to avoid injuries. Injuries can include damage to the ears and sinuses. Other problems include hypothermia, which happens in freezing waters as well as problems with pressurized gas. If you take a diving course, you will learn how to handle these issues, as well as how you can prevent them from affecting your dive.

Scuba diving is an immense opportunity and should be enjoyed by everyone at some point in their life. However, it is not something that you can simply go out to the ocean and do. It takes time and preparation to understand the working of the equipment and the basic diving knowledge to keep you safe. Ultimately it is worth the effort, and allows for an ocean experience that you will never forget.

JB Mills