I am studying to be a marine biologist and I am going for my SCUBA certifications, but I need approximate pricing before i go so i can get my equipment. I will be living in Florida soon, so I intend to get a boat so when I am qualified I can go out on dives. I am looking for boats and equipments i can look for fish, coral reefs, marine wildlife in general, also I am interested in ship wrecks. So I need an approximate pricing, websites and the equipment, and types of boats. I want the best equipment.

Look to spend around 10 thousand on dive equipment if you want to be a marine biologist, boats and equipment tend to be specific to the type of diving you will be doing. I recommend that you finish getting certified prior to purchasing very much equipment. Any good dive shop will allow you to test out your equipment prior to purchasing, everyone has their own personal preferences and until you become relaxed and comfortable in the water you probably wont have any idea about what you like or it will change as you learn. As for boats, there are many types to choose from, most of which will depend on the conditions you expect to work in and how physically able you are to climb into them from the water, look at other people in your profession and glean tips from them as far as deck space for equipment, power and style. You can also make or obtain modifications to any boat to better suit the work you will be performing. Either way you should expect to spend a lot of money, and last time I checked marine biologists don’t get paid very much and they usually work with a university which already has that sort of equipment or off of grants.