I live in the midwest, U.S. and there’s not a whole lot of scuba options around here. I’ve done some freshwater dives but the murky lakes around here are boring.

I’ve heard of people getting permission to drop down into a newly-drilled commercial well before all the equipment is installed. Then they dive around the sandstone caverns in the aquifer.

Has anyone ever done this? Was it a worthwhile diving experience? Know of any clubs or shops that arrange trips like this?

Thanks in advance.

Nope, I’d be very surprised indeed if that was actually allowed by the owners of the well. The liability they would incur should there be an accident would preclude it. Nobody in their right mind would allow it on their property unless they’re prepared for a potential law suit even if the divers involved signed a waiver and were properly trained to conduct the dive.
I think you heard an urban legend.