I want to learn how to scuba dive so I have been researching and looking into it a lot. My question is, I want to find a mask, snorkel, fins, and boots for a reasonable price, but they also need to be of relatively good quality and not a $10 snorkel mask that will fog up every 10 seconds. I don’t know the best way of approaching this aspect because I want to ask my parents if I can learn to scuba dive, but knowing them they will want to know a price.

Good advice or tips for anything regarding scuba diving (preferably finding equipment) is greatly appreciated, thank you!

you can find forums and all of the equipment and all of the major brands.
But for the mask, you need to go to a dive shop and get one that fits the shape of your face or it will leak.
You are right about wanting good quality. You need the best you can afford so that it will last and you need to be sure of your equipment when you are under water.
Off the top of my head here is a price list:
Mask $50 plus. Low volume mask with black skirt (black is best)
Snorkel $20. No need for an expensive one
Fins $80. I like the Thrusters. These strap around your foot. Most scuba divers use full foot fins. I use strap fins so I can use booties with a sole for walking on rocks etc. Full foot fins can go over your feet or you can use scuba socks.
Booties $40 I like them with kevlar in the sole in case I step on an urchin

If you want full foot fins
Fins $50
Socks $20