Going to Maui on vacation? Since you will be visiting one of the best and most popular areas for underwater sightseeing, you will want to make sure you bring your snorkeling gear. The warm Pacific waters of Maui offer a view of over seven hundred types of the most colorful fish in the world. You will swim among beautiful coral, large sea turtles, and even catch a view of some underwater lava formations.

If you do not intend to snorkel a lot on your vacation or in the future, you may choose not to spend money on your own mask and snorkel. However, there are a wide variety of snorkel and dive shops in Maui that can provide you with everything you will need for a wonderful and memorable underwater experience. Rentals for snorkeling gear start out at as little as $20 dollars a day. And many times if you are staying at a resort on the beach the resort may provide the equipment at no extra cost.

Another service that many dive shops in Maui offer is a tour of their beautiful waters. Tour guides will help you get acquainted with the water and advise you on good and bad conditions for snorkeling. If you are not used to the large waves of the Maui waters, snorkeling may be a bit more challenging. Listening to a marine forecast will also give you an idea if the ocean’s conditions are suitable for snorkeling or not. Another tip of advice dive shops may offer are to go on a sunny day when the water is most clear and the sun will enhance the colors of the coral and fish.

Dive shops can also provide you with a fish identifying guide so you can put a name with all of the beautiful sea life you will experience. Before going on your own snorkeling excursion you will probably want to consider visiting a dive shop and becoming more informed. Depending on the size of your group, tours can be as little as $90 a day. Going with a larger group tends to be more cost efficient. You can usually be grouped with other enthusiastic snorkelers who are ready for a day underwater as well.

Snorkeling is just one of the many exciting activities that you should consider trying on your Maui vacation. It is a great way to experience, up close and personal, some of the most beautiful sights that the island of Maui has to offer.

After snorkeling the beautiful waters and Maui Hawaii and seeing everything this island has to offer underwater you may be left with the desire to see the under water landscape and fish even closer. If this sounds like you then you might want to try scuba diving. Scuba diving will require extra equipment and training which in turn will cost more but the experience will be remember for years to come. The things you can see were scuba diving in Maui Hawaii are simply unbelievable. So start out with snorkeling and if you enjoy the experience give scuba diving a thought. You will not regret it!

Jeremy Thompson