I’m looking for a complete list with recommendations of brand and also estimated price! Thank you so much!

Really depends on where you’re taking classes. I’d get with the local dive shop and see what the people there recommend/require for your class.

My class required a pair of fins, a snorkel, a mask, a weight belt, weights, and booties. I also bought a wetsuit.

Mask – $70
Fins – $70
Boots – $80
Suit – $160
Weight belt – $10
Weights – $50

I did buy better quality booties than required and probably bought too much weight as well. You WILL have to buy scuba-quality things; nothing pisses instructors off more than cheap gear, apparently 😛 At the very least, don’t skimp on the mask and fins. A snorkel is a snorkel is a snorkel; you totally get permission to buy that from Academy rather than the $30 ones the stores stock.

Other equipment (your buoyancy compensator, regulator assembly, tank, etc) could be deferred to a later purchase date.

Good luck and happy swimming 😀

-A diver-in-training as well