I have a project for a resort management class in school and I’ve decided that I want to bring night diving into a resort that I’ve made up. But, I don’t scuba dive so I don’t know what equipment is needed. Specific names of the equipment would be very helpful because I need to find the cost for them. It would be great if you could help me out! Thanks!

I am going to guess that your resort is located on the water and in a somewhat tropical environment. There are vast possibilities for this kind of location.

The basics you will have to have are(per person) Mask, snorkel, fins, wet suits (allow for choice of short or full body), Tank, buoyancy compensator (BC), Dive regulator with reserve regulator, computer/ gauges, gloves, weight belt, knife, dive booties, Main light, back up light, glow sticks.

You will need at least 2 master divers to do this. Offer it from the shore line, instead of from a boat. I would also go all out and for safety use a Electronic Rescue and Locating System http://www.diverrescue.com/ you loose one person and the resort could fold.

Think about underwater man made and placed items to dive on. A sunken ship, man made reef, art, ect. Have seasonal night dives. Example Halloween place spooky Items around underwater, Christmas would be Christmas themes. There is ans are low power (12 volt dc) that will work underwater. A scavenger hunt.

There are so many possibilities, hove fun and good luck. I love this kind of projects in class.