i do not want to rent things also a list an rough over all price would be nice:)

The first group is what is usually needed when taking a class:

— Snorkel

This group is what you’ll need to scuba dive in addition to the first group:

–Wetsuit or Drysuit
–Regulator assembly (First stage, primary second stage, alternate second stage, pressure gauge, and low pressure inflator hose)
–Buoyancy Compensator Device
–Timing device or dive computer

Other accessories which are not really needed to dive, but start handling some "what if" situations:

–Underwater slate and pencil
–Surface signal devices (whistle, signal sausage, etc.)
–Hood and gloves
–Cutting device (like EMT shears, or line cutter, small knife)
–Reel/finger spool

For pricing, it depends on a few items:

For my warm water gear set it costs about $2,500-$3,000.
For my cold water gear set it costs about $6,000.