Blair Mott swims on the trail of discovery with his Tan Delta Excellerating Force Fins.
Along the way he fins through his front yard, the Channels Islands National Marine Sanctuary in California, Deco stops in the Gulf after documenting the USS Monitor with Ocean Futures Society, surface swims on his way to capture natural methane gas seeps from the ocean floor with the BBC, and comes up for air with Steve Barsky after talent diving for the up coming Full Face Mask video from Hammer Head Press.
Fining through adventure he shares the screen with Kevin Gurr and a glimpse of the Excellerating Force Fins on descent. Look forward to new trails of discovery with other Force Fin Models.

Blair Mott’s Stunt Double for opening sequence : Nathan Dembeck

The Excellerating Force Fin feature a long, scooped blade with recoiling underside ribs that catapult you forward for instant acceleration. Clean leading edges for turbulence-free, rapid response to changes in direction and tapered trailing edges snap for extra propulsion. They are adaptable for optional Force Wings which allow you to control the way the water works for you. When positioned parallel to your direction of travel, they stabilize and track your fin.

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Duration : 0:1:12

[youtube ZrB3CH59pXU]