I have been researching gear and asking various divers’ opinions on what kind of gearI should buy. I am a newer diver who will be taking my Advanced classes soon. About 50% of my diving will be done in warm tropical oceans, and the other half in Canadian freshwater lakes during the summer months. I plan to remain a recreational diver, and will eventually take my equipment to 130 foot depth.

What, if any, opinions to you have about this list;

Mask; Atomic Aquatics Clear Frameless Mask
Snorkel; Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel
Fins; Atomic Aquatics Smoke On The Water

BCD; Scubapro Knighthawk Back-Inflate/Wing

Regulator; Apeks XTX200 Balanced Diaphram Regulator

Octopus; Scubapro Restyled Air2 Combo Octopus/BCD Inflator

Gauges/Computer; Uwatec Aladin Prime 3 Gauge/Computer Console (metric)

Any thoughts on this list? What concerns should I have with any of these choices? Any additional advice is appreciated. Special thanks to Scubabob for your help so far.

It’s all very good equipment. The only concern I have is the Integrated Air2.

In a real OOA situation, it can be difficult to breath from the same hose you need to control your buoyancy, and maybe the buoyancy of your partner.

With lots of practice, it isn’t an issue.