I am taking a scuba class and need a mask, fins, and a snorkel. I may be getting them from Dick’s Sporting Goods although they don’t have many varieties.Was wondering what is a good fin I can buy for class which will be held in a pool that will be from 55 degrees to 86 degrees. Ones that go fast and are comfortable. I will also be wanting to keep them for when I travel the world. So below are a few links to what I may be getting from Dick’s.




The third ones look kind of funny.

Fins made for snorkelling/bodyboarding tend to be shorter and softer than SCUBA fins, because they’re designed for use by a ‘naked’ swimmer. However, if you try to use them for SCUBA diving, you will find yourself working much harder than necessary to push against the heavy resistance imposed by the gear–especially if you’re going to be diving in cold water (55°F = 12.5°C = COLD!), which requires wearing a bulky wetsuit or even a drysuit. On that basis, of the three models you’ve linked, only the second pair is actually intended for SCUBA diving, so if those three are the only models you’re considering, then that’s the pair I’d buy if I were you.

It’s true that split fins require a much shorter flutter kick (which is more streamlined and hence less effort) than using conventional fins. Some people swear by them, but speaking personally, I wouldn’t buy split fins for myself. I borrowed a pair once (Scubapro TwinJet) and didn’t like them very much (they were so soft and floppy, it felt like I wasn’t wearing any fins at all), which kind of put me off buying that design. I have dived Mares Avanti Quattros for years, and been very happy with them–but some people find them too stiff and heavy. They’re also relatively large, making them less practical for travelling.

It basically comes down to personal preference, and what suits you. I was habituated to my Quattros, and I tend to use frog kick anyway, which doesn’t really work with split fins–which could be why I didn’t get on very well with them. Perhaps if I’d given myself a bit more time to get used to them, I would have been converted too. If they’re the first pair of fins that you buy, it might be different for you, since you’ll be getting used to them from Day 1, with no old habits to un-learn.

All the best for your course, and happy diving.