I was in the Fla. Keys last month I met a 6′ 1 girl from Brazil
that is a yoga instructor, I was in a bar waiting for my fishing buddies she gave me her phone no
and we became great pals. she wanted me to go sun
bathing with her which she did nude. great location can only be seen from the air she had a space age blanket that she treated
with insect repelent for the sand fleas she then wanted me to go to her classes with her ,which
I did . I scuba dive so I had her do that with me..
she sugested that we make love underwater so I took one
weighted air tank 2 wt belts and two fins to her beach no masks.we waded out to about 12 ft of water This was all her idea.. we shared one mouthpiece and I held the two
wt belts on my left arm the tank stayed onthe bottom itself
she was very active .and everything was working great
but in my estacy I took a large unconcious gulp of sea water
. She helped me ashore and baby and admin
to me.. I will take bigger gulp next time.. wow.
T Leeves.. Fla. girls are a dream
and she also is a dancer.
T Leeves.. Fla. girls are a dream
and she also is a dancer.
Kiss my A@**
Note: I had to remove a lot of above details for I ran out of caracters on original Question.format. that is why all the gaps

let me guess… DRUNK! no just kidding, that is awesome! I did that once but we ended up not kissing~