Depends on the type of diving you are going to pursue, and how much time you are going to spend diving. Your dive center should be able to recommend the proper set of fins. If you are going to be a resort diver – you will be going on a dive vacation maybe once a year – then don’t spend $200 on a pair of fins. If diving is quickly becoming your passion, and you dread those extended surface intervals that we call "life", then you will want to focus on a higher quality, specific set of fins. For pure efficiency, less effort, I would recommend a manufacturer dealing in split fins – they really DO work, adding about 25% greater speed/efficiency to your propulsion – resulting in reduced air consumption. The price ranges from $150-$300, depending on manufacturer and where you purchase the fins. If you are going to get involved in overhead environments (caves, wrecks) you may consider a traditional-style fin with less crevices and protrusions to get hung up on. If un-decided, then you’ll want to aim for a pair in the $75-$100 range, cause this won’t be the last pair that you’ll be buying. Don’t buy scuba gear from any of the box stores, since that’s not scuba gear they are sellin’. Hope this helps out.