Cant feel my right leg or foot and would like to scuba dive again. Where can I find a custom scuba fin that can attatch to my brace?

I have checked out a few sites and cannot see alot of options for the equipment, there are a few sites for divers with disablities that have links that may help.
is one site that may have some answers.
One possibility for you might be to look into is a two foot fin i.e. one fin which you can use both feet in and then get a customized brace to fit this, of course this may be very cost restrictive and another alternative is to get webbed gloves for swimming with. I know that people with no or limited mobility use them with great success, and although you do not have as restricted mobility it is a real option which is cost effective, proven and can get you back in the water. You may also want to look into getting regular fins and adapting the one for your brace with bundgie cords or snaps.

Hope this helps spark some ideas….
Good Luck