Im a REALLY big fan of scuba diving, i started about 6 months ago and i already have :
weights (lol but no BC)
flashlight (a pretty good one)
and a g250v Scubapro reg with an SPG as well

Pretty much all im missing is a BC, and ofcourse the tank of air. I hope to get my advanced open water diving soon, and im already nitrox certified. Im 17 years old, and scubadiving will be a biggg part of my future. I dive with one of my instructors actually, we became friends, and the first out-of-class dive we went on he told me i looked like i had been on atleast 300 dives (im sure he was being nice, but other instructors always comment on it as well). Anyways, i dont want to always have to dive with him, and i was wondering where i can find others to go with. Thanks for feedback

Others have listed good sources.

Try as well. You can find local groups into scuba.