I have been offered a SUUNTO MOSQUITO watch, a mares 1998 syncro pro BCD in good condition, mares fins in good condition, and old mares reg, scuba pro knife, boots, gloves, weight belt, mares mask, diver warning bouy, 5mm and short Bare wetsuit in great condition, bare bag. all for $900 but all bought in the 90’s except for the watch and wet suits.

That price actually is reasonable for what you’re getting assuming everything is in good condition. That particular BC is actually one of the best that Mares came out with then. I still have mine for use as a back up but if I were to sell it, I’d be demanding 200 bucks minimum as that’s what they’re worth. There’s almost 25% of of your cost right there. You’re getting fair value for your dollar. No super deal but less than what the items would normally go for separately used. If you need all of it and you’re sure that the regs have been properly serviced and all else is in good order I’d grab it if I were you unless you plan on buying from several sources which may take some time to aquire what you want at a price fair to you.