Hi, I recently took up scuba in college. The class didnt start yet and I’m a little nervous. I’m not a strong swimmer, I usually swim with my head up. Is that ok? I was wondering what am I suppose to expect during this class.

Also this is the course description: SCUBA The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) open-water diver course covers proper use of mask, fins, snorkel and underwater breathing apparatus in the West Gym swimming pool. Extra fee covers equipment use and instructional materials. Open-water dives may be arranged at additional cost outside of class if certification is desired. Swimming proficiency is a prerequisite. Instruction in various environmental wellness issues is also discussed. Students must provide a medical release form indicating good health, particularly freedom from cardio-respiratory problems. They are expected to bring a swimsuit to class on the first night. All HPEY courses are assessed a $30 non-refundable fee upon registration.


Expect to learn to dive.
You don’t have to be a strong swimmer, but you must be comfortable in the water.
Since this is a PADI course, your swim assessment will consist of treading water for 10 minutes un aided, 200 M swim of a pool using whatever stroke or combination of strokes you prefer. You may also choose to do this using mask, snorkel and fins but you’ll be required to do 300 M. Your choice. You can doggy paddle the whole thing if you want and the swim portion is not timed.
You will be taught how to use the gear safely and responsibly and care for it. You’ll be taught some basic physics and dive physiology. There will be some basic math and logic required. You’ll be taught how to read dive tables.
Much of what you learn is simple common sense.
Your underwater skills will involve learning buoyancy, being able to remove and replace your mask while submerged and clear it. You’ll learn how to equalize your body’s air spaces. You’ll learn how to breath from a reg that is free flowing ( involves breathing from an air bubble in a nutshell). You’ll learn how to breath submerged with no mask. You’ll learn how to plan a dive with a buddy that stays within your current skill set level and also how to communicate using universal hand signals.