The Mares X-Stream fins are an adjustable open heel design in a limited edition white and pink colour.

The fins are designed to provide maximum propulsion from minimal effort using a number of modern techniques. The main blade uses a flexible centre panel that flexes to cup and control the water as it moves off the bottom of the blade. Vents that pass through the blade further aid control and flow of the water a pivot point at the top of the blade allows the blade to angle to the best position to offer the most efficient kick.

The foot pocket has been vented to reduce drag whilst finning and also prevent a vacuum building up inside the foot pocket, making it much easier to remove your fins.

Other features include the Mares ABS Plus buckle system, a set and forget fin strap. Once the strap tightness has been set there is no need to adjust it again, the buckles simply expand out loosening the strap enough to allow donning and doffing.

Duration : 0:3:51

[youtube txg0I1GzHtk]