I have a pair of Aqualung Caravelles, and while I like them just fine, I would like to know which fin you all wear, and why you like them. My next gear investment might have to be a new pair of fins, for the simple reason that the Caravelles are quite long and take up a great deal of room in my gearbag.
Also, what do you think of the split fins like ScubaPro’s twin jets? Are they really that much better or different from the typical fins?
I’m so sad because this is my first non-diving weekend since Sept. 9… I’m sick today!! 🙁

hey….I’m from the old school where i still wear single full fins…i have tried the split fins and what a difference! i haven’t tried the ones you’ve spoke of, to tell the truth i haven’t seen them yet but its been since the summer since Ive been in the dive shop…my old fins are long also, being I’m over 6′ my instructor thought that they might help give me better propulson…lol…after trying the split fins, there is no way I’m going back to them except for an emergency…lol…hey I’m jealous where do u live that you can dive everyday…lol…p.s try a larger type of duffel for your fins, its mesh and you can store them better with some of your gear