OK, so I am going to get SCUBA certified but I need fins! I have snorkeling fins, but obviously those won’t work. I would like full foot fins, I don’t want to have to buy the boots, too, and I will probably use them more for snorkeling than diving…. my question is how can you tell the difference between SCUBA and snorkeling full foot fins? also does anyone know any good places to buy them online? Thanks
also, if anyone could recommend a exact fin I should use I would greatly appriciate it!
well i would just buy them at the store i will be taking my class at, but they are soo expensive and i’ve looked up a few online that are more in the $30-50 range instead of $80-130 range

Go to your dive shop where your taking your certification class. Ask them about the different types, and then TRY those types out during your OW certification class.

This will tell you what YOU like, and not what a bunch of strangers think you should get.

The more comfortable you are in your fins, the longer you’ll be diving! 🙂