I want to get my fiance into scuba so we can do it on our honeymoon. I am getting her lessons and gear for a wedding present. I was wondering if I should get her high quality gear from the dive shop or get it cheaper at Wal-Mart or similar store. The only gear I would need to get her is fins, mask and snorkel. My family has a spare set of gear that covers the rest of what she would need(i.e. BCD, weights, oct., regulator, etc.)

Get her the higher quality stuff. There is nothing more frustrating for a beginning diver than a mask that does not fit properly. The snorkel is less important, but you can get her a lower profile model at a dive store or large Sporting Goods store. The fins at the mega stores are going to be geared toward snorkeling, so getting a light weight pair of dive fins at a dive shop will help her out while diving and she can still use them for snorkeling.

As far as giving her dive lessons as a wedding present, that is a bad idea. Especially if you are going to get the lessons in Hawaii on your honeymoon. scuba diving lessons for her are a present you are giving yourself not her. Unless she has told you she want to dive, you are doing it so you can keep diving. I understand. I am a diver married to a non-diver. I would love for her to experience the wonders of scuba diving. But more than that, I want her to dive so that I can take great dive trips with her, so get her a wedding present that is all for her.

As far as the lessons, I would recommend she do at least the classroom portion of the course at home before the trip. Then do a referral to a shop in Hawaii for the open water portion. If she does the whole course in Hawaii, it will take all her time, and if she is struggling with it or does not like it, it is going to cause a lot of friction on your honeymoon. And you do not want that.